Su Su Hlaing

One of the most famous of Burmese women, Su Su Hlaing is the greatest solo performer of chinlone.

Su Su is in great demand across Myanmar, performing a solo style of chinlone known as tapandaing - at Buddhist festivals, VIP events, etc. She has also performed extensively in Thailand and Singapore and is a star performer on the Road To Mandalay steamer, a famous British luxury vessel which cruises the Ayeyarwady river.

A talked-about performer since age nine, she has devoted her life to the physical and meditational rigours of her ancient artform, which involves keeping a specialized rattan ball aloft via a series of highly-stylized kicks. Su Su supports her family through her performances which has enabled her to send her younger sisters and brother to school and university.  She plays both styles of chinlone - team style and solo style, and is recognized as the top solo performer in the country. She has a degree in Zoology and was married last year in Myanmar.

Su Su and Greg met in 1998, over the next few years they became good friends. Greg is also close with her family. In 2000, Su Su invited Greg to play with her team in the biggest chinlone event of the year, the Waso Festival. Su Su is a featured performer in Greg's chinlone world tour.

Ko Maung Maung

Known throughout Myanmar as a top coach and excellent player. Ko Maung Maung's specialty is mandala, one of the most difficult moves. He was known as "Mandala Maung Maung" when he was younger because of how beautifully he did this move. He is one of the best supporters in the game and can make any player look good as a soloist.

His son Aung Soe Moe, is considered the best player in the country. He was coached from a very young age by Ko Maung Maung and his skill is extraordinary. He has two other sons who also play chinlone, one is playing for the Customs team at a very high level.

Greg first met Ko Maung Maung in 1998 but they did not start to spend time  together until 2001. Under Ko Maung Maung's coaching, Greg has been able to learn the game from the basics up to the more complex moves. They are now close friends and Ko Maung Maung is one of the featured players in Greg's chinlone world tour.

Aung Soe Moe

Aung Soe Moe is the top player in the country. An extraordinarily gifted player, he makes even the most difficult moves look easy. One of the things people love about his playing style is how happy he looks as he plays and how effortless he pulls off extraordinary moves.

Aung Soe Moe and Greg met in 1997 and became friends over the next few years. They have played together in a number of festivals and for 3 years in the Waso festival. Aung Soe Moe is one of the featured players in Greg's chinlone world tour.


Motta is one of the top players and famous throughout the country. He is an extremely agile player, whose specialties include ground style play and some of the most acrobatic moves. Originally a student of Ko Maung Maung and longtime team mate of Aung Soe Moe.

Motta and Greg met in 1998 and soon became close friends. Motta  is one of the featured players in the chinlone world tour.


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